Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sapphire, 1.53ct. Pear shaped blue Sapphire.



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Shape: blue sapphirePear blue sapphireshaped blue sapphireWeight: blue sapphire1.53 blue sapphirect. blue sapphireMeasurements: blue sapphire8x6.4x4.1Clarity: blue sapphireVSTreatment: blue sapphireNone, blue sapphire100% blue sapphireNatural blue sapphireI blue sapphirehave blue sapphiremounting blue sapphireavailable blue sapphirefor blue sapphirethis blue sapphirestone, blue sapphireincluding blue sapphireRings blue sapphireand blue sapphirePendants, blue sapphireplease blue sapphirecontact blue sapphireme blue sapphirefor blue sapphiremore blue sapphiredetail.Sincerely!Master blue sapphireJeweler

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