Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This greenPendant greenis greenmade greenof green20 greengauge greenBrass greenthat greenhas greenbeen greenhammered, greenformed greenthen greentorched, greenalso greencalled greenflame greenpainting, greento greenproduce greenthe greenbeautiful greenrange greenof greenmetallic greencolors greensuch greena greens greenReds, greenBlues, greenGreens, greenOranges, greenYellows, greenEtc greenthen greenembellished greenwith greentorched greenCopper green... green. greenThe greentotal greenlength greenis greenapproimately green2.5 greeninches greenand green green1 greeninch greenwide. green greenIt greenhas greenbeen greenfinished greenoff greenwith greenCopper greenBail greenand greenhas greenbeen greensealed greento greenprotect greenthe greencoloring. greenPictures greenare greenof greenthe greenactual greenPendant greenyou greenwill greenreceive.Be greensure greento greencheck greenmy greenshop greenannouncement greenfor greenany greendiscounts greeni greenmay greenbe greenoffering!

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