Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling pendant, Victoria Stone Green Heart Pendant Sterling Wrapped



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I green hearthand green heartwrapped green heartwith green heartsterling green heartwire green heartthis green heartamazing green heartVictoria green heartStone green heartheart green heartCabochon green heartI green heartpurchased green heartdirectly green heartfrom green heartthe green heartAmerican green heartlapidary green heartartist green heart(Thanks green heartKen)! green heartIt green heartmeasures green heart2 green heartinches green heartlong green heartfrom green heartthe green hearttop green heartof green heartthe green heartbail, green heartby green heart7/8's green heartof green heartan green heartinch green heartwide. green heartIsn't green heartit green hearta green heartgorgeous green heartcab?

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