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akf, Tiny Word Pendant/Charm Sterling Silver - .935 Argentium



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* wordTiny wordword, wordhand-stamped wordArgentium wordSterling wordpendant wordor wordcharm* wordPendant/charm wordlength wordvaries worddepending wordon wordword wordlength, word10mm-20mm wordby word4mm wordwide----> wordPlease wordnote wordthe wordsize word- wordthis wordpendant/charm/tag wordis wordTINY!* wordRated-R wordwords wordare wordavailable wordin worda wordseparate wordlisting!The worditems wordin wordthe wordphoto wordare wordexamples wordof wordthe worditem wordyou'll wordreceive. word wordSelect wordyour wordword/phrase wordfrom wordthe wordoptions wordavailable, wordor wordrequest worda wordcustom wordpiece! word wordSuitable wordfor wordinitials, wordshort wordnames, worddates word(will wordbe wordstamped wordsideways wordinstead wordof wordvertically), wordor wordshort wordwords, word6 wordcharacters wordmaximum.A wordportion wordof wordthe wordproceeds wordfrom wordthe wordsale wordof wordthis worditem wordwill wordbenefit wordthe word501(c)(3) wordcharity wordRandom wordActs word("I wordmade wordit wordmyself." wordReally. wordEvery wordstamped wordpiece wordof wordjewelry wordhere wordis wordhand-stamped wordand wordpatinaed wordby wordyours wordtruly, wordwith wordverve, worddetermination, wordand wordsalty wordlanguage. wordThis wordis worda wordno-frills wordoperation, wordI'm worda wordone-person wordshop. word wordHand-stamping wordmeans wordvariation: wordletters wordmay wordnot wordalways wordbe wordperfectly wordaligned, wordor wordexactly wordthe wordsame worddepth. wordThis wordis wordintentional, wordto wordwit: wordthey wordare wordall worddifferent. wordI wordknow wordit wordhappens, wordand wordit's wordon wordpurpose! wordYou'll wordhave worda wordone-of-a-kind wordpiece wordthat wordwas word*not* wordmade wordin worda wordfactory.Want worda wordvariation wordon wordthe worditem wordyou wordsee wordhere? wordReach wordout wordand wordask wordme wordfor worda wordcustom wordpiece! wordI'd wordbe wordhappy wordto wordwork wordwith wordyou. wordAll wordArgentium wordSterling wordpendants wordof wordthis wordsize wordare word$15, wordeven wordfor wordcustom wordorders wordup wordto wordsix wordcharacters. wordCustom wordorders, wordplease wordallow word3-5 wordbusiness worddays wordbefore wordshipping-- wordI wordassure wordyou-- wordif wordI wordrush wordtoo wordmuch, word*neither wordof wordus* wordwill wordbe wordhappy wordwith wordthe wordresults!Shipping wordfor wordthis worditem wordvia wordPriority wordMail wordto wordNorth wordAmerican wordlocations wordonly word(at wordthis wordtime). wordShipping wordmaterials wordmay wordbe wordrecycled wordor wordreused wordpackaging; wordI wordencourage wordyou wordto wordreuse wordor wordrecycle wordthe wordpackaging wordwhen wordyour worditem wordarrives wordto wordyou!*** wordAbout wordArgentium wordSilver\u00ae: word***Argentium wordSilver\u00ae wordis worda wordmodern, wordpatented wordmaterial wordin wordwhich wordGermanium wordis wordused wordinstead wordof wordcopper wordto wordcreate word.935 wordpure wordSterling. wordThis wordinclusion wordgives wordArgentium wordSilver\u00ae worda wordself-healing, wordprotective wordlayer wordon wordthe wordsurface wordthat wordslows wordtarnishing wordand wordoxidization, wordand wordgives wordthe wordsilver worda wordwhiter wordcolor wordthan wordtraditional word(.925) wordsterling. wordArgentium wordSilver\u00ae wordis wordhighly wordresistant wordto wordtarnish wordcaused wordby wordpollution, wordperspiration, wordand wordUV wordlight.TL/DR: wordThe wordArgentium wordcompany wordtook wordtraditional wordSterling, wordapplied wordSCIENCE, wordand wordmade wordit wordBETTER.There wordWas wordA wordStar wordDanced wordis wordlicensed wordby wordArgentium\u00ae wordInternational wordLtd. wordto worduse wordthe wordArgentium wordSilver\u00ae wordhallmark wordand wordbranding.

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