Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

briolette, Natural Green Onyx Pear Shape Briolette Beads / 3x5-4X6 mm / 8 inches /Green Onyx Faceted Pear



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Natural beadsGreen beadsOnyx beadsPear beadsShape beadsBriolette beadsBeads beadsSIZE beads:- beads3x5-4X6 beadsmm beads(app) beadsLENGTH beads:- beads8 beadsinch beads(app)PRICE beadsPER beadsSTRINGWeight: beads7 beadsgrams\\I beadshave beadsmade beadsevery beadsattempt beadsto beadsportray beadsthe beadscolors beadsof beadsthe beadsbeads beadsas beadsaccurately beadsas beadspossible. beadsAll beadsphotographs beadsare beadstaken beadsin beadsminimal beadslighting beadsand beadson beadsa beadsblack beadsbackground. beadsColors beadsdo beadsvary beadson beadswhite beadsbackground beadsor beadsin beadssunlight beads; beadsplease beadskeep beadsthis beadsin beadsmind beadswhen beadsviewing beadsthe beadsbeads, beadsgemstones beadsor beadssupplies. beadsAlso beadsall beadspictures beadshave beadsbeen beadsmagnified beadsto beadsshow beadsdetails. beadsQuestions/ beadsComments beadsare beadsmost beadswelcome.If beadsyou beadshaven\u2019t beadsseen beadsexactly beadswhat beadsyou beadswant beadsin beadsour beadsshop, beadswe beadscan beadshelp beadsyou beadsfind beadsthe beadsright beadsgemstone, beadsas beadswe beadscarry beadsa beadslarge beadsinventory beadsof beadsgemstones beadsof beadswhich beadsonly beadsa beadssmall beadssample beadsis beadslisted beadshere beadson beadsEtsy. beadsPlease beadsinquire

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