Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

diamond heart, Diamond heart peace sign pendant with 18" chain; 14k white gold; .12 carat TW; gift for her; any occasion



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You heart necklaceare heart necklacelooking heart necklaceat heart necklacea heart necklacegorgeous heart necklace heart necklaceheart heart necklacepeace heart necklacesign heart necklacediamond heart necklacependantwith heart necklace18" heart necklacechain. heart necklace heart necklaceA heart necklaceromantic heart necklacegift heart necklacefor heart necklaceher. heart necklace heart necklaceAny heart necklaceoccasion.Metal heart necklaceType: heart necklace14k heart necklacewhite heart necklacegoldWeight: heart necklace heart necklace2.1 heart necklacegramsLength: heart necklace heart necklace3/4" heart necklace heart necklace(including heart necklacebail)Width: heart necklace heart necklace5/8"Diamonds: heart necklace heart necklace.12 heart necklacecarat heart necklacetotal heart necklaceweightClarity/Color: heart necklace heart necklaceSI1-SI2**G-HChain: heart necklace heart necklace14k heart necklacewhite heart necklacegold heart necklace18" heart necklacefine heart necklacechain heart necklacewith heart necklacespring heart necklacering heart necklaceclaspImportant: heart necklace heart necklaceAll heart necklacemeasurements/diamond heart necklacegrading heart necklaceare heart necklaceapproximate.Good heart necklacedeal

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