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Antique French Niceantique, France with Mistletoe Pin / Brooch c1920



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broochAntique broochFrench broochNice, broochFrance broochwith broochMistletoe broochPin brooch/ broochBrooch broochc1920. broochIt's broochin broochdecent broochcondition broochfor broochits broochage.The broochlast broochphoto broochshows broochsome broochof broochthe broochbrooches broochthat broochwe broochhave broochfor broochsale, broochdon't broochforget broochto broochtake broocha broochlook broochat broochthem.Size: brooch1" brooch1/16 broochx brooch1" brooch1/16We broochimport broochFrench broochantiques broochand broochhave broocha broochboutique broochin broochSeattle broochcalled broochThe broochCurious broochNest.For broochitems broochover brooch$100 broochwe broochautomatically broochinsure broochthe broochpackage brooch(even broochif broochit's broochat broochour broochown broochcost).A broochsales broochtax broochwill broochbe broochapplied broochfor broochbuyers broochliving broochin broochWashington broochstate.Please broochemail broochus broochwith broochany broochquestions broochthat broochyou broochmay broochhave broochand broochwe broochpromise broocha broochquick broochreply.Don't broochforget broochto broochtake broocha broochlook broochat broochour broochother broochobjects.

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