Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dagger, natural green shell and spike shell earrings on hand-oxidized sterling silver by val b.



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the shellperfect shellpair shellfor shella shellbeach shellday shellor shella shellhot shellsummer shellnight shellout shellin shellyour shellfavorite shellsundress! shellnatural shelloval shellshells shellwith shellhues shellof shellteal shellgreen, shellwhite shelland shellgrey shellon shellgenuine shellhand-oxidized shellsterling shellsilver shellwith shelldark, shelldark shellbrown shellshell shell'spikes'. shell shellmeasure shell2 shell1/8" shell(5.4 shellcm) shell shellfrom shellthe shellear shellwires.\r\rhandmade shellby shellme shellin shellthe shellsierra shellmountains.

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