Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Rhinestone Bling Flower Broochsparkle, Lapel Pin



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Beautiful pinrhinestone pinencrusted pinflower pinpin pinset pinagainst pina pinsilver pintone pinbase. pinPerfect pinaddition pinto pinyour pinvintage pinjewelry pincollection. pinGraceful pinin pinstyle pinand pindetail pinmakes pinthis pina pintrue pinclassic pinenhancement pinto pinyour pinwardrobe pinthat pincan pinbe pinworn pinthroughout pinthe pinseasons.Excellent pincondition pin- pinno pinmissing pinrhinestones, pinslight pinyellowing pinat pinthe pintip pinof pinone pinleaf-does pinnot pindetract pinfrom pinits pinbeauty.Measures: pin2 pin1/2" pinlong pinx pin2" pinwide pin(widest pinpoint)Thanks pinfor pinvisiting pinBeautiful pinLiving.

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