Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Red Czech Glass Pillar Bead and Dagger Bead Memory Wire Choker



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Vintage redruby redred redCzech redglass red3 redx red4mm redpillar redbead redand red16mm reddagger redbead redsingle redstrand redchoker redis redstrung redon redmemory redwire. redTotal redlength redis red20 redinches.Excellent redcondition, redvintage redbeads rednewly redstrung redon rednew redmemory redwire redby redme.Reduce, redReuse, redRecycle: redBuy redVintage!Shipping redweight redis red0.6 redpounds. red redPlease redpay redat redtime redof redpurchase.If redyou're redin redthe redNYC redarea, redyou redcan redcome redto redmy redWilliamsburg redspace, redand redsave redon redshipping redby redpicking redit redup.Please redfollow red redVintage redArcana redon redInstagram, redFacebook redand redTwitter. redReturns:All redsales redare redfinal redunless redthe reditem redis redsignificantly redmisrepresented. redWe redare redvery redcareful redin redtaking redmeasurements redand reddescribing reditems redbut redoccasionally redmiss redsomething. redPlease redcheck redmeasurements redcarefully, redwe reddon't rednot redaccept redreturns redif redthe reditem reddoesn't redfit.CONDITION redDESCRIPTIONHere redis reda redbrief reddefinition redof redthe redstandard redterms redthat redwe reduse redto reddescribe redcondition: redMint: redNever redworn redor redused, redlike rednew, redno redflaws.Excellent: redHas redbeen redworn, redbut redno redvisible redflaws.Very redGood: redOnly redthe redslightest redsigns redof redwear, redminor redflaws reddescribed redin redlistingGood: redVery redWearable, redwith redminor redflaws redand redshows redsome redwearFair: redWearable, redwith redsignificant redflaws, redalso redgood redfor redpatterns redor reddesign redinspiration

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