Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dragonfly, Capri Blue Crystal Dragonfly Necklace



In stock



Hand dragonfly jewelrypainted dragonfly jewelrysilver dragonfly jewelryplated dragonfly jewelrydragonfly dragonfly jewelryand dragonfly jewelrysealed dragonfly jewelrywith dragonfly jewelryresin. dragonfly jewelry dragonfly jewelryThe dragonfly jewelrySwarovski dragonfly jewelrycrystals dragonfly jewelryare dragonfly jewelryset dragonfly jewelryinto dragonfly jewelrythe dragonfly jewelryresin. dragonfly jewelry dragonfly jewelryDangling dragonfly jewelrycoordinating dragonfly jewelryteardrop dragonfly jewelrySwarovski dragonfly jewelryCrystal dragonfly jewelrybead. dragonfly jewelry dragonfly jewelryThe dragonfly jewelryoverall dragonfly jewelrylength dragonfly jewelryof dragonfly jewelrythe dragonfly jewelrydragonfly dragonfly jewelrypendant dragonfly jewelryis dragonfly jewelry1 dragonfly jewelry3/4 dragonfly jewelryinches dragonfly jewelrylong. dragonfly jewelry dragonfly jewelryAn dragonfly jewelry18 dragonfly jewelryinch dragonfly jewelrySterling dragonfly jewelrysilver dragonfly jewelrybox dragonfly jewelrychain dragonfly jewelryis dragonfly jewelryincluded.

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