Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Penny Bird Necklacebird necklace, sterling silver and copper pennybird necklace, mixed metal bird charmbird necklace, bird jewelrybird necklace, coin pendant by Kathryn Riechert



In stock



Perfect bird jewelryfor bird jewelrybird bird jewelrylovers, bird jewelryanyone bird jewelrywho bird jewelrycollects bird jewelrycoins, bird jewelryor bird jewelryanyone bird jewelrywho bird jewelryjust bird jewelrylikes bird jewelryto bird jewelrysmile.The bird jewelrycharm bird jewelryon bird jewelrythis bird jewelrynecklace bird jewelryis bird jewelrymade bird jewelryfrom bird jewelrya bird jewelryUSA bird jewelrypenny bird jewelry(copper) bird jewelrywith bird jewelrysterling bird jewelrysilver bird jewelrydetails bird jewelryand bird jewelrya bird jewelrysterling bird jewelrysilver bird jewelrychain. bird jewelry bird jewelryThe bird jewelrycharm bird jewelrycan bird jewelrybe bird jewelryworn bird jewelrywith bird jewelrythe bird jewelrybird bird jewelryfacing bird jewelryeither bird jewelryleft bird jewelryor bird jewelryright. bird jewelry bird jewelryThis bird jewelrycomes bird jewelryfrom bird jewelrymy bird jewelryrecent bird jewelryexplorations bird jewelrywith bird jewelryvarious bird jewelrycurrencies. bird jewelry bird jewelryThis bird jewelrypiece bird jewelrycomplies bird jewelrywith bird jewelryfederal bird jewelryregulations bird jewelryon bird jewelryaltering bird jewelrycoins bird jewelryand bird jewelryis bird jewelryperfectly bird jewelrylegal bird jewelry:) bird jewelry bird jewelrySadly, bird jewelryI bird jewelrycannot bird jewelryaccept bird jewelryrequests bird jewelryfor bird jewelryspecific bird jewelryyears bird jewelryon bird jewelrythe bird jewelrycoins.***********************************************************Click bird jewelrythe bird jewelry'Shipping bird jewelryand bird jewelryPolicies' bird jewelrytab bird jewelry(next bird jewelryto bird jewelrythe bird jewelryphotographs bird jewelryat bird jewelrythe bird jewelrytop bird jewelryof bird jewelrythe bird jewelrythis bird jewelrydescription) bird jewelryfor bird jewelryinformation bird jewelryon bird jewelryshipping bird jewelrytimes bird jewelryand bird jewelrymy bird jewelryshop bird jewelrypolicies.https://www./shop/KathrynRiechert#policiesSend bird jewelryme bird jewelryan bird jewelryetsy bird jewelryconvo bird jewelryor bird jewelryemail bird jewelrywith bird jewelryany bird jewelryand bird jewelryall bird jewelryquestions.Thank bird jewelryyou!

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