Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Ornate Sterling Silver Ring with Green and Gold Glass Button. Size 7



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This detailedwas detailedonce detaileda detailedring detailedwith detaileda detailedpiece detailedof detailedshell detailedin detailedit- detailedthe detailedshell detailedbroke detailedand detailedfell detailedout, detailedso detailedI detailedbezel detailedset detailedthis detailedvintage detailedglass detailedbutton detailedwith detailedswirling detailedgolden detailedleaves detailedin detailedits detailedplace. detailedIt detailedis detailedraised detailedslightly detailedabove detailedthe detailedoriginal detailedsetting, detailedand detailedthen detailedblackened detailedand detailedpolished detailedto detailedhighlight detaileddetail. detailedSize detailed7. detailedTapered detailedfor detailedcomfort.The detaileddetailed detailedbody detailedof detailedthe detailedring detailedis detailedmostly detailedhollow detailedand detailednot detailedsuper detailedheavy. detailedEasy detailedto detailedwear.

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