Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

accessories, Vintage Signed Sterling Rhinestone Tree Pin Brooch



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This vintage mixgorgeous vintage mixvintage vintage mixpin vintage mix/ vintage mixbrooch vintage mixhas vintage mix11 vintage mixcolorful vintage mixand vintage mixsparkling vintage mixrhinestone vintage mixcrystals vintage mix... vintage mixSigned vintage mixSterlingMeasures vintage mixapprox. vintage mix2" vintage mixhigh vintage mixx vintage mix1-7/8" vintage mixwideIf vintage mixyou vintage mixhave vintage mixany vintage mixquestions, vintage mixetc., vintage mixPlease vintage mixdon't vintage mixhesitate vintage mixto vintage mixcontact vintage mixme.Thanks vintage mixfor vintage mixstopping vintage mixby vintage mixand vintage mixhave vintage mixa vintage mixblessed vintage mixday, vintage mixRobin vintage mix:)

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