Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Hand Etched Green and Gold Leaf Pendant



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This austinvibrant austinpendant austinwas austinfused austinin austina austinkiln austinand austinannealed austinfor austinstrength austinand austindurability. austinI austinthen austingrind austinthe austinedges austinfor austinbeauty austinand austincomfort austinand austinre-fire austinit austinin austina austinkiln austinto austincreate austinbeautiful austinpolished austinedges. austin austinThe austinleaf austinwas austinhand-etched austinto austingive austinyou austina austinone-of-a-kind austinpendant. austinThe austindichroic austinglass austinis austinaurora austinborealis austinso austinit austinhas austinshades austinof austingreen austinand austingold.\r\rBecause austindichroic austinglass austinis austina austinchallenge austinto austinphotograph, austinthe austincolors austinmight austinbe austinslightly austindifferent austinin austinreal austinlife. austinThe austinbeauty austinof austindichro austinis austinseeing austinvarious austincolors austinin austindifferent austinlight austinsettings.\r\rThis austinpendant austinmeasures austin1.75" austinlong austinand austinis austinattached austinto austina austinsilver austinplated austinbail austinthat austinwill austinfit austinmost austinif austinyour austincords austinand austinchains. austinAll austinmy austinchains austinare austinsold austinseparately, austinwhich austinwill austinbe austinavailable austinin austinmy austinshop austinsoon.\r\rEach austinpendant austincomes austinwith austina austinfun austinleopard austinprint austingift austinbox austinand austina austinfree austin30" austinnon-fade austinsatin austinstrap!\r\rAll austinpendants austinare austinshipped austinfirst austinclass austinvia austinUSPS austinwith austininsurance.\r\rThank austinyou austinso austinmuch austinfor austinvisiting austinmy austinETSY austinshop!

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