Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lampwork jewelrylampwork jewelry, hand-made necklace in sea blue with octopus and shell charms



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Long lampwork jewelrynecklace, lampwork jewelrysea lampwork jewelryblue lampwork jewelrylampwork lampwork jewelrybeads.\rThis lampwork jewelryunique lampwork jewelrylong lampwork jewelrynecklace lampwork jewelryis lampwork jewelrythe lampwork jewelryperfect lampwork jewelryfinish lampwork jewelryof lampwork jewelryyour\rsummer lampwork jewelrywhite lampwork jewelrydress!\rHand-made lampwork jewelryof lampwork jewelryglass lampwork jewelrylsmpwork lampwork jewelrybeads lampwork jewelryand lampwork jewelrychain,\roctopus lampwork jewelryand lampwork jewelryshell lampwork jewelrycharms.\rThe lampwork jewelrylength lampwork jewelryis lampwork jewelry lampwork jewelry56 lampwork jewelryinch lampwork jewelry(140cm.)\rI lampwork jewelrypackage lampwork jewelryall lampwork jewelrymy lampwork jewelryjewelry lampwork jewelryin lampwork jewelrya lampwork jewelrygift lampwork jewelrybox.

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