Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Julia Lee signed extravagant bib necklace



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Statement trendyextravagant trendybib trendynecklace trendyhangs trendyelegantly trendydown trendythe trendychest trendyand trendyhas trendylong trendystrands trendy(7" trendyeach) trendyof trendyindividually trendywired trendyCzech trendytable trendycut trendyglass trendybeads trendywith trendyround trendywood trendybeads trendyand trendysea trendyshells. trendyGold trendyplated trendyfindings trendyand trendychain, trendyand trendygold trendyfilled trendyJulia trendy trendytag. trendy trendyChain trendymeasures trendy16-1/4 trendyinches, trendybut trendycan trendybe trendyadjusted trendya trendybit. trendyComes trendywith trendymatching trendyearrings!Item trendy#N778Price: trendy$129.00

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