Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chevronchevron, limechevron, polymer claychevron, bibchevron, wire wrappedchevron, necklace



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Chevron, neonlime, neonpolymer neonclay, neonbib, neonwire neonwrapped, neonnecklaceThis neonbeautiful neonhand neonmade neonchevron neonnecklace neonis neonsure neonto neonmake neona neonstatement. neonWhether neonyour neonadding neonit neonto neonyour neonensemble neonfor neona neonpop neonof neoncolor neonor neondressing neonup neona neontank neonwith neonthis neontrendy neondesign, neonpeople neonwill neondefinitely neonfind neonthemselves neonintrigued neonw/ neonyour neoncollar neonbone-polymer neonclay-brasshandmade neonhook neonclosure neonfor neonadjustable neonlength

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