Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

scarf, Vintage 1930s BEAUTIFUL RHINESTONE SCARF Holder (4934) Tiny 3/4" Wide



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Vintage rhinestone holder1930s rhinestone holdergold rhinestone holdertone rhinestone holdermetal, rhinestone holderclear rhinestone holderrhinestone rhinestone holderscarf rhinestone holderholder. rhinestone holder3/4" rhinestone holderx rhinestone holder1/2". rhinestone holderGorgeous rhinestone holdersparkly rhinestone holderrhinestones. rhinestone holderUse rhinestone holderas rhinestone holdera rhinestone holderscarf rhinestone holderholder rhinestone holderor rhinestone holderattach rhinestone holderto rhinestone holderan rhinestone holderitem rhinestone holderof rhinestone holderclothing rhinestone holderor rhinestone holderpurse. rhinestone holderUnsigned.

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