Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal, Vintage 1980s Glitter Bubble Heart Bold and Bright Turquoise Purple Shimmer Pierced Post Style Backs Stud Earrings - Two Pair



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Two metalpairs metalof metalcute metalbubbly metalmetal metalhearts, metalin metalbright metaland metalbold metalcolours! metalSo metalmuch metalfun, metalthese metalearrings metalhave metala metalgreat metalirridescent metalglitter, metalwith metalone metalpair metalin metalturquoise metaland metalthe metalother metalpurple!Hearts metalmeasure metal3/8" metalacross, metalwith metalsurgical metalsteel metalpost metalbacks.Excellent metalcondition, metalwith metalno metalchips, metalcracks, metalbends, metaldiscolouration, metalor metalother metalsigns metalof metalwear.Vintage metal1980s.All metalof metalour metalvintage metaljewelery metalis metalcleaned metalwith metala metalhospital-grade metalvirucide, metalwith metalvirucidal, metalbactericidal metaland metaldisinfectant metalproperties.

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