Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mandala, Vintage 1980s Gold Spiral Mandala Pierced Post Style Backs Classic Retro Kitsch Drop Earrings



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A studfunky studgold studtone studmandala-like studspiral studdangles studdaintily studfrom studa studgold studtone studball studstud!Earrings studmeasure stud5/8" studacross, studby stud1" studlong, studwith studpost studstyle studbacks. studExcellent studcondition, studwith studno studchips, studcracks, studbends, studdiscolouration, studor studother studsigns studof studwear.Vintage stud1980s.All studof studour studvintage studjewelery studis studcleaned studwith studa studhospital-grade studvirucide, studwith studvirucidal, studbactericidal studand studdisinfectant studproperties.

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